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What tyres do I need?

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What tyres do I need?

What type of tyres to choose?

The tyre you need depends greatly on the kind of car you drive and the type of driving you do. If you drive short distances in and around town on the school run or to the local shops then economy and safety will be a primary concern when choosing a tyre. If you do a lot of motorway driving then low noise, comfort and fuel saving might be factors in helping you find the right tyre. Drivers with luxury cars and sports cars will be interested in high-performance tyres, which offer precision handling, excellent traction and manoeuvrability at speed.

Today’s market place we can offer a range of tyres from budget to premium and summer, winter and all-season tyres.

Seasonal Tyre Checklist:

  • When the seasonal temperature falls below 7 °C, it’s time to switch to winter tyres.
  • Winter tyres perform well in all cold weather conditions, ranging from snow and ice to wet and cold dry roads.
  • When seasonal temperatures climb above 7 °C, fit your wheels with summer tyres.
  • Summer tyres deliver high grip levels on wet and dry roads, high stability in curves, and optimal mileage performance at warm temperatures.
  • All-season tyres offer decent handling in a variety of driving conditions throughout the year, but with some compromises in straddling both summer and winter capabilities.


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All Season

All season tyres are specifically designed to be able to operate all year round. They combine elements from both summer tyres and winter tyres making them adaptable to a variety of weather conditions.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres provide better all-round performance in the warmer months. They have a relatively hard compound which softens in milder temperatures to be able to adapt to dry as well as wet roads. 

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are specially designed to perform in wet, icy weather and very low temperatures, as well as snowy conditions. 

4x4 Tyres

4×4 tyres are different from standard passenger tyres, as they are generally bigger with large rim diameter sizes and are designed to perform at higher speeds and cope on different terrains.

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